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H2 Nutrition

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Top 10 Metabolic Food Factors

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Is Your Metabolism Healthy? – Part IV

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Is Your Metabolism Healthy? – Part III

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Is Your Metabolism Healthy? – Part I

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How to Maximize your Workouts

Alright, so here’s the debate; if you want to burn fat, is cardio or resistance training better?
There really is no debate, it’s resistance training. But for some reason this question comes up all the time. Probably because elite marathon runners tend to be thin, but who knows. 

If all things are equal, such as time, duration, intensity, frequency, etc., then weight training will kick-butt on anything when it comes to burning calories and fat.

The facts are, a 45 min workout weight training will boost your metabolism for up to 48 hrs; cardio will not. Unless of course you do cardio for 2+ hours, then maybe it will, depending on the intesity. Therein lies another problem. Many people don’t have the stamina to last that long at a high enough intensity (65-85% max) to get those tremendous metabolic boosts from cardio workouts. This is where a 45 minute high intensity weight workout will help you burn more calories and fat than anything else.

Look at me for example. I predominantly lift weights at a moderate to high intensity. I am lean, but have a lot of muscle due to my training. This muscle burns a lot more calories and fat even while I sit here writing this, compared to someone without a lot of muscle, i.e. most cardio-dominant people. This is NOT genetics, this is all training regimen. You can train your body to build muscle and do the same.
Stay tuned for videos on high-intensity circuit training.