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All About Juicing

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Have you ever read what is in those “all natural” and “fresh” juices? They are not even close to fresh or natural. So without going off on a tirade about them, here is my favorite way to start the day … Continue reading


Is Your Metabolism Healthy? – Part II

Here is the first half of Part II, yes, it is that big. I hope you enjoy this semi-technical read. It is a fresh new look at what metabolism really is. Stay tuned for part II of Part II, The … Continue reading


Is Coconut Oil Really Healthy and Safe? Here’s the Top 40 How’s & Why’s to Use it.

I recommend that you don’t believe me or any of the hype surrounding coconut oil, I sure didn’t, until I tried it for a while. My first experience with it went like this; I was curious about it, so I bought … Continue reading