Often times the way people train is downright dangerous and ineffective. If you are going to put in the time to exercise or play a sport, then you might as well maximize your time and results. That is what science and experience helps you do.

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Did you know that most people work their legs, abdominals and low back  muscles completely wrong? They actually accelerate degeneration in the spine and encourage instability during core movements that you need everyday. This is one reason that 85% of us will experience low back pain in our life time.

The goal of this blog and my other website is to promote human performance and FUNCTION, so ALL of the fitness and exercise info I share is evidence-based and meant to improve physical performance and everything related to it, including; posture, sports, pain, function, joint dysfunctions, daily aches, and more.

Everything here and at www.gotfunction.com is 100% based on clinical and athletic experience, so I promise you it has all been test driven by the lowest functioning people coming right out of surgery, all the way to the highest functioning professional athletes I have worked with.

I hope you enjoy the articles here and the videos here and gain information that you can instantly apply to your life and training methods so you can finally achieve the results you have always wanted.

3 responses to “Exercise

  1. Chris,

    Thank You for sharing your wisdom and ideas to help me live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Looking forward to reading more to help me stay competitive as I get older!

    Best regards,

  2. I stumbled this morning on your site by chance….what a lucky day !
    Love your circuit !
    Thanks for sharing.

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