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Back Pain

Also check out 5 Tips for Relieving Back Pain. Unfortunately, one of my nicknames is “last resort Chris.” I seem to attract people who have tried “everything” to help their pain, especially low back pain. Then they hear about me … Continue reading


Stretching & Body Awareness are the Missing Link to Becoming an Elite Athlete.

I say “Link” singular because stretching and body awareness are one, which is why stretching is so important. What stretching provides in the form of body awareness and control gives all who practice it a big-time edge on the competition … Continue reading


5 Tips for Relieving Back Pain

If you have been sitting for longer than 5 minutes, make sure you do some back extension movements before you lift things, i.e. boxes, kids, groceries. This will help push the discs away from the spinal cord and create space … Continue reading


Back Pain Lesson #1

Please note that these are not just general opinion’s on low back pain (LBP). Everything here is based on clinical evidence and facts you can find in my book, Exercise Progression for Low Back Disorders – A Professional’s Manual, over … Continue reading


Back Pain Lesson #2 – SITTING

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One of the biggest contributers to low back pain (LBP) is prolonged and repetitive sitting. Lesson 2 offers a simple remedy to prevent and improve LBP. Just follow these easy tips, stretches and movements to a life with much less pain … Continue reading