Healthy Snacks & Sides

Snacks & Sides

  1. Chili topper
  2. Lemon Bars
  3. Popcorn
  4. Banana Bread*
  5. Peppermint Ice Cream!
  6. Pudding
  7. Chips and Guacamole/ Salsa
  8. Nachos
  9. Quesadillas 
  10. Raisins
  11. Nuts
  12. Trail Mix
  13. Healthy nut Butters (Artisana brand)
  14. Protein shakes or smoothies
  15. Energy Bars (Cliff Bars, greens plus natural energy bars)
  16. Peanut/Almond Butter Sandwich (use homemade banana bread)
  17. Beans and tortilla chips or rice and or avocado or salsa
  18. Burritos or tacos or enchiladas (not taco bell)
  19. Omelet (cheese, veggies, salsa. etc.)
  20. Cheese and Salami
  21. Fried Rice
  22. Jerky
  23. Coconut Ice Cream
  24. Milk shakes (homemade with ice cream and milk)
  25. Hard Boiled eggs
  26. Carrots/celery and peanut/almond butter
  27. Dried Fruits(unsulphured and unsweetened)
  28. Granola and more and Yogurt
  29. Potato salad
  30. Carrot soup

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